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Home hemodialysis

Home hemodialysis (HHD), also known as HHD, closely resembles in-center hemodialysis, yet it can be safely and effectively conducted within the comfort of your own home. HHD necessitates vascular access, needle insertions, and the accommodation of a dialysis machine within your residence. During HHD sessions, blood is directed through your vascular access, typically located on your forearm, to the dialyzer for purification. Subsequently, the cleansed blood is returned to your body via the machine. Two main types of HHD exist: conventional and short daily.

One of the remarkable advantages of HHD lies in its ability to be tailored to the individualized treatment plan prescribed by medical professionals. In certain instances, HHD treatments may require the presence of a dialysis partner. This partner can be a spouse, parent, child, professional caregiver, or another responsible individual entrusted to offer support during the treatment process. Collaboratively, the patient and dialysis partner devise a plan for carrying out regular dialysis sessions that align with their schedules and specific requirements.

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