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Dialyze On Site at a
Nursing Facility

Benefit from more convenient dialysis treatments.

Improve Your Quality of Life

If you are an end-stage kidney disease (ESKD) patient residing in a rehab or nursing facility, you may be able to benefit from more convenient dialysis treatments and better health outcomes. ADC delivers on-site dialysis at skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), allowing you to receive the same safe, high-quality therapy at your residence rather than traveling to a dialysis center.

Less travel & more time

Minimize the disruption of traveling off site for dialysis and free up more time for meals, rehab and other activities.

Treatment consistency

Three-times-weekly dialysis treatments on conventional machines provide continuity between care settings.

Fewer readmissions

Patients who dialyze on site at a nursing or rehab facility experience 15% fewer hospital readmissions than those who travel to off-site dialysis clinics.1

Dialyzes on site at rehab facility

Get more time in your day. On-site dialysis at nursing and rehab facilities can make your treatments more convenient and enhances coordination between your care providers.