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Treatment Options

Treatment Options for End Stage Kidney Disease

Home Dialysis

Find out how dialyzing at home could enhance your quality of life and give you more time to do the things you love.

In-Center Hemodialysis

Learn about in-center hemodialysis and find a ADC® center near you.

Skilled Nursing Facility

Receive onsite dialysis care without leaving your skilled nursing facility.

Kidney Transplant

Transplant is the ideal treatment option. Learn about the process for donors and recipients.

I really want to say thank you to American Dialysis Center for everything they have done for my father and the entire family. We needed dialysis treatment urgently, and we got great care for my father from these guys. My father is quite happy, and my family is happy that he is happy.

– By Kenyon L.

It really sucks when you have kidney failure, and it also sucks when getting dialysis. What don’t suck are the chairs that American Dialysis Centers provides when you’re being serviced. They are soft leather chairs that are comfortable to your back. Moreover, they also have a message feature which makes the experience like heaven.

– By Roland M.

I would like to post my opinion, I love Doc Ovuworie. He is kind, caring, compassionate, more than qualified and always available. I have experience at other dialysis centers and this one is almost like being at home. I have been Doc’s patient since 2002. He is always available and the most patient man I know, definitely a patient advocate. I would not hesitate to refer anyone to him. If you want quality care and personal attention American Dialysis Center is the place to be!

– By Susan C.

Dialysis treatment is easy, but I have to get it done. However, the past year hasn’t been so bad. Why is that? That’s because I started my treatment at American Dialysis Center. Since making the switch, I’ve actually enjoyed going for treatment and I feel comfortable knowing I am surrounded by people who truly care.

– By Eric G.

If you’re looking for the best dialysis treatment, look no further than the one offer by these guys. My mother has been taking treatment with them for the past eight months, and both she and I are more than satisfied with the service she receives. Try them, you won’t be dissatisfied.

– By Elliott N.

If you need dialysis, I highly recommend American Dialysis Center. I may not have used their service personally, but I have a cousin who took treatment with them. She was quite content with the service, and never once complained. She told me she actually loves going for her treatment because the staff has become like family to her.

– By Ian D.

I never thought a disease such as kidney failure would affect me, but I guess it’s not age-specific. It has been a real struggle adjusting, but at least the process was a little bit easier when I began taking dialysis at American Dialysis Center. Although treatment is a must, it’s a quite pleasant experience each time I step foot onto the compound.

– By Donald W.

It was a very frightening experience when I became diagnosed with kidney failure. I was told I needed to start dialysis treatment immediately. Within a few days I started my treatment at American Dialysis Center. They have helped made dealing with kidney failure very pleasant. The staff is very helpful and helps me maintain a positive outlook on life.

– By Ryan K.

After I became diagnosed with Acute Kidney Failure, I became depressed. My doctor notified me that I would need dialysis. I was afraid for what lied ahead. I began my dialysis treatment immediately with American Dialysis Center. I am highly impressed with the staff and the service. I feel relaxed throughout my treatment and it gives me the strength to remain positive.

– By Wilbert C. O.

It was hard for my family when my mother was diagnosed with kidney failure. Having to do dialysis twice a week was becoming expensive, thankfully we found American Dialysis Center. Their expert staff treated her with the care she needed.

– By Joseph A. L.

Some days it is difficult to step out of the house, but it is a good thing they offer home dialysis. I’ve had problems with my kidneys since I was a teenager, and when the problems progressed, I was blessed to find a clinic that provides great service, especially one that bring the service to the comfort of my home.

– By Gary S.

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Dialysis Insurance Coverage

Learn health insurance basics and things to consider in the ADC® Insurance Coverage for Dialysis guide.

Prescription Management

Find tips for medication management so you can feel your best.

Emergency Services

Get support, dialysis treatment and other assistance during emergencies from ADC® Guest Services.

Five-Star Quality Rating

Learn about Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) Five-Star Quality Rating System.

Integrated Kidney Care

Learn about how ADC Integrated Kidney Care has provided patients and their care partners support from a team of integrated healthcare professionals.

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