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Kidney ultrasound

Also known as: renal ultrasound

A kidney ultrasound, sometimes referred to as a renal ultrasound, is a non-invasive procedure used to assess the size, shape, and position of the kidneys without the need for surgical incisions. This diagnostic technique relies on the use of ultrasonic waves to visualize the kidneys externally.

During a kidney ultrasound, a clear gel is applied to the skin surface overlying the kidneys. This gel ensures smooth movement of the ultrasound device and eliminates air gaps between the skin and the tool. As the ultrasound device is positioned on the abdomen, ultrasonic waves penetrate the skin, bounce off the internal organs, and generate an electronic image of the kidneys.

Kidney ultrasound serves as a valuable tool for detecting various conditions such as cysts, tumors, obstructions, abscesses, fluid accumulation, or infections within the kidneys. Additionally, it can identify the presence of kidney stones. Moreover, kidney ultrasounds are instrumental in examining transplanted kidneys and aiding physicians in locating the kidneys for procedures like kidney biopsies.

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